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Educational Philosophy & Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Educational Philosophy

Our philosophy of education is the foundation upon which our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO’s) are built.  At the center of this philosophy are a few core beliefs: 

  • We believe that all students can learn and are valued as individuals created in God’s image with unique physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs and abilities. 
  • These needs and abilities are nourished best within a safe and supportive learning environment where inspirational administrators, faculty, staff and coaches encourage and challenge students to pursue excellence. 
  • We believe a complete education is realized through developing the whole child in character, knowledge and skills.  We desire our students to have the necessary knowledge and skills in life to succeed. However, more importantly, an SVCS Warrior cultivates the virtues of honor, faith, responsibility, respect, humility, and love toward God, others and self.  

This philosophy of education is expressed in our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes as Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.   


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


Heart and Soul


  • Honor God through faith in Jesus Christ and following His example
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility
  • Demonstrate respect, humility and love toward others



  • Understand and apply Biblical knowledge
  • Understand and build upon educational principles (Language Arts, History, Math, and Science) in preparation for college and beyond
  • Develop an appreciation for global learning and 21st century knowledge 



  • Effective communicators
  • Complex thinkers
  • Productive individuals


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