Variable Tuition FAQ

Variable Tuition FAQ

Will currently-enrolled students receive priority over new students when applying for variable tuition?

YES. Current SVCS students will have priority over new applicants provided all deadlines are met. FACTS Grant & Aid will provide an evaluation via an online application which must be completed each year. Tax returns are required. No aid will be awarded without a completed application.


What kind of economic circumstance is typical of families paying below the highest tuition level?

Family circumstances range widely. Aid is awarded based on need. Factors such as sources of income, expenses, number of students in the family and cost of living in our area are considered. While some families can afford only minimal tuition, others can afford to pay full tuition.


If I do not apply for variable tuition, will I automatically be billed at the regular tuition rate?

YES.  If you choose not to apply through FACTS Grant & Aid, your tuition will be billed at the published regular rate -- $9,160/year for Jr. Kindergarten, $10,310/year for Kindergarten, $11,610/year for Elementary, $11,960/year for Jr. High, and $12,125/year for High School.


Do some families on variable tuition pay nothing for tuition?

All families will be required to pay something as an investment in their child’s Christian education.  Every family will pay somewhere between 40% and 100%, depending upon their unique financial situation.


Does it matter when I apply for variable tuition?

YES.  There is a limited amount of assistance funds available.  Once that amount is expended, no more variable tuition can be awarded.  So the sooner a qualified candidate applies and completes the FACTS Grant & Aid process, the better his/her chance of receiving a reduced tuition rate.  The cut-off for awarding assistance is May 1st.


What expenses are there other than tuition?

Even with variable tuition, there are required fees.  For a detailed list of all fees, please click here:  Tuition and Fees.


Do I apply for variable tuition each year?

YES. Priority is given to re-enrolling families. The online application must be resubmitted each year along with the appropriate tax returns and other documents.


Will SVCS offer variable tuition to students who excel in athletics?

Per CIF regulations, we do not give athletic scholarships. The entire variable tuition program is a need-based program that relies solely on the family’s ability to pay.


Is variable tuition an example of SVCS trying to boost enrollment?

SVCS has always had a financial aid program that matched family need and the cost of tuition.  The major difference with variable tuition is that the rates are now public so anyone can see that tuition levels vary based on need.


Will the addition of more students lead to larger classes and lower levels of instruction?

SVCS has established grade level-appropriate teacher/student ratios for each class to ensure the highest level of classroom instruction and discipline. We will accept students who meet our standards within those ratios. If we get more students at a grade level than our ratio allows, we may open additional sections. However, we will not overfill classrooms to the detriment of instruction.