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Welcome To ECC

Children are the blessing of God! They are precious gifts, and their entrustment brings both joy and responsibility to all who influence them. SVCS' Early Childhood Center (ECC) is committed to making each child's learning experience a positive one. Our teachers are enablers, encouragers, motivators and nurturers. Their love for God mingles with their love for children to touch each life in a special way.

The goal of SVCS’ ECC is tri-fold:
    • First, we want each child to see him/herself as God’s most precious creation - unique and wonderful, thereby building the kind of self-confidence that says: “I’m so glad I’m me,” - “I think I can,” - “I’d like to try!”
    • Second, we desire to impart the kind of awe and amazement that comes when a child discovers the intricacies of God’s incredible creation.
    • Third, we want our children to know that God, the Creator, loves them so much that He made an eternal provision through Jesus Christ, to be their Savior.

We believe that a Biblical foundation is the grounding influence for all aspects of life and learning. We also believe that a child who feels loved and capable, and who has experienced joy and success in learning, will go forward with confidence when his/her formal academic training begins.

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6