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Welcome To SVCS Elementary School
The SVCS Elementary School prepares students for high academic pursuits by offering a solid foundation of basic skills in academic and Biblical knowledge. Our goal is to train our students to become effective communicators, complex thinkers and productive individuals who will go forth in faith, and use their talents and abilities to share Christ with the world. Biblical principles are integrated into every subject to give students a balanced Biblical worldview.

In addition to providing a strong foundation in core subject content, the Elementary program also offers enrichment classes in Spanish, music, computer, art and P.E. Students may participate in an after-school Honor Choir. SVCS belongs to the Parochial Athletic League (PAL) and, beginning in 5th Grade, students have the opportunity to join sports teams in the fall, winter and spring.

SVCS is blessed to have qualified and caring teachers and support staff who model their Christian walk daily through interaction with students, parents and fellow workers. They strive to create inviting and nurturing learning environments where students can maximize their potential. Teachers are genuinely interested in the lives of their students, and they go to great effort to continue to follow their students throughout their lives at SVCS and beyond.

SVCS Elementary School serves Junior Kindergarten through 6th Grade and is led by Principal Lori Jensen.