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High School Academics
The High School at SVCS offers a Christ-centered and college-prep curriculum. Experienced and qualified teachers lead a program that emphasizes excellence in the core areas of Bible, English, math, science, history, and foreign language. Students also have the opportunity to explore their talents in the visual and performing arts, computer graphics, physical education, and athletics. Students can serve their school and community through ASB, National Honor Society (NHS) and outreach opportunities.
The textbooks used at SVCS are evaluated as part of a regular, on-going cycle. This high standard of textbook evaluation, coupled with our faculty’s ability to interject a Christian worldview, provides a solid academic experience for our students. A sampling of textbook publishers currently being used in the High School includes Glencoe, McDougal Littell, and Prentice Hall.
AP, Honors and college prep courses are offered to meet the needs of students of all aptitudes. In addition to traditional courses, students have opportunities through dual credit, one-on-one, and online programs.
In conjunction with one-on-one counselor meeting and building a schedule that is tailored to each student's unique calling, the Curriculum Guide provides an overview of all courses and offerings at SVCS, along with invaluable resources.  Click here to access the 2017-2018 High School Curriculum Guide.