High School Service Hours Now Included in Grade Report

In an effort to help students remember to complete the required 20 hours of service for the school year, “Service Hours” have been added to your student’s grade report.

Here is how this report works….

You will see that the maximum amount of “points” listed is “20.” That is because there are 20 hours required to be served.

When a student submits hours served and those hours are verified by the person they list as their email contact, then the hours can then be approved. Once the hours are approved, they will be recorded as “points” in the grade report (ex. 5 hours = 5 points).

Until the point total reaches 20, the grade report will show an “incomplete.” Please note:  this will NOT affect the student’s GPA; it is simply meant to serve as a visual reminder of how many hours he/she has had approved, as well as how many hours still need to be completed.

The first 10 hours were due by January 8th.  All 20 hours need to be served, logged, verified and approved by May 1st.

*Please note – final grades and transcripts will not be released at the end of the year until all 20 hours are approved.

For more detailed information regarding the hours already posted, your student can view his/her x2VOL account. The grade report does not replace x2VOL; it is just a report for parents and students to have as a quick view reminder of the current status.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Outreach & Service Hours – Shannon Markum  at  smarkum@svcschools.org.  Additional information about the High School service hours requirements can be found here:  Program Overview.

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