High School Virtual Back to School Night

  1. Scroll down this page to the list of teacher names.
  2. Click the link with the name of the first teacher whose video you want to watch. (Note: When you click on a teacher’s name, you will be taken off of our website to our Vimeo channel.)
  3. IMPORTANT: After viewing the first video, click the “back” button on your browser to RETURN to this page. Once you are back on this page, click the link to the next teacher video you want to view. Repeat this process until you have viewed all of the desired videos.

For question about navigating the Virtual Back to School Night page, please contact Rod Markum at rod@svcschools.org.

For questions related to your child’s class(es), please contact the teacher(s) directly. Teacher emails are displayed in the videos.


Blain Markum, Shannon – Interior Design
Brewington Markum, Shannon – Outreach & Service Hours
Carmichael Martin
Chambers Maselli
Deever – Web Design Maytorena
Deever – Yearbook Parry
Dunn Platz
Gaetano Rath
Gillen Rexinger
Gordon Roberts
Greene Streelman, Erica – Digital Photography
Hair Streelman, Erick – Spiritual Formation 9th
Hernandez Streelman, Erick – Spiritual Formation 10th
Howard – Math Streelman, Erick – Spiritual Formation 11th
Howard – Science Streelman, Erick – Spiritual Formation 12th
Kadow Swanson
Kee Wade
LaFavor Williams
Lurker Womack
Markum, Josh


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