As We Graduate

Hello SVC Community,

I hope you all had a great week. I cannot believe that graduation is less than two weeks away. This year has flown by. I wanted to start by saying thank you. Thank you for a great year. Thank you for your love and support of the school. Thank you for letting us play a small role in the most sacred task of educating and discipling your children. Thank you for all of the hours that you put in to make SVC what it is. Thank you for your gifts of time talent and treasure. Our school could not function without such immense parental support.

On a personal note, thank you for accepting me and welcoming me this year. I also want to say thank you for reading the blog and watching the videos this year. I am very aware that I have a tendency to overcommunicate and I know that there was a lot to take in and sort through. But I also believe that words are power and worthwhile ideas are worthy of our time. Still, I do not take your audience for granted. I really appreciate it! Thank you!

That said, in light of the fact that next week is our last full week of school, this will be my final blog post of the year. I will return next year with more thoughts and ideas and reflections and dreams. But, for the short term, I will save you all from my musings, diatribes, manifestos, and soapbox-worthy ramblings and allow you, instead, to spend your time and energy on things much more emblematic of June and July in Orange County.

So, in conclusion of this year and in preparation for a summer (and perhaps longer for the parents of seniors) away from the SVC community, I cannot think of anything more appropriate than a prayer for our graduates. Whether our students are moving from kindergarten to 1st grade, from junior high to high school, or from high school to college, everyone is graduating to something new. Everyone is off to a new challenge. Everyone is moving on. So, we pray:

Dear Lord,

As we graduate today, I know that this is not the end. Commencement, after all, means new beginnings. And that is what we celebrate today. Still, it feels like the end. I have spent 1 or 4 or 8 or 14 years with these people. I know them and I am known. I trust them and I am trusted. And, quite frankly, I am sad that it will never be like this again. We will never be in this room, with these people, ever again. Sure, we may see our teachers next year, but we won’t be in their classes every day. We may see our friends, but we won’t all be at the same lunch table. And, while I know that there is more on the horizon, I love it here. I love the routine. I love the familiar. Most of all, I love my friends and my teachers and my coaches. They are family and I will miss them.

But, I am excited for the next step…whatever that is. I am ready to own my faith and experience new adventures. I know that this is a new season and that You are with me wherever I go. I know that You will uphold me and protect me. I know that You have plans for me. I know that You will always love me. I know that You will bless me. So, I do not fear the unknown because I do not walk alone. This commencement is the beginning of something new, but it is also the continuation of the work that You have begun in me. And I believe that You will carry it on to completion.

Lord, I pray for my fellow graduates. Bless them. Go with them. May they not walk in a spirit of timidity and fear, but in the knowledge that You are ever-present and every-pursuing. May You present opportunities for their faith to shine. May You strengthen them and challenge them and mold them into who You want and need them to be. Let their talents be used for Your glory and for Your service.

Finally, Lord, I have to say thank You. Thank You for my parents and the sacrifice that they made to send me SVCS. Thank You for my teachers who pushed me, challenged me, and poured into me every single day.

Thank You for my coaches who inspired me and taught me the values of teamwork. Thank You for my friends and for the oceans of experiences that will bond us for the rest of our lives. Most of all, thank You for the gift of your Son, for His grace and forgiveness. May we live every day in the light of His truth, knowing that we have been redeemed and that we are His. Thank You Lord and bless us now, as we graduate. Amen.


Erick Streelman
Head of School

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