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What is the heart of a Warrior?

 He perseveres. She steadfastly sharpens her skills. He does what’s in the best interest of the cause, putting others before himself. She understands the value of cooperative effort, esteeming teamwork. But more than anything, a Warrior acts like Christ.

Participation in interscholastic athletics on over 50 teams
More than 1 in 10 SVC High School athletes go on to play in college
Locally & nationally-recognized coaches
Giving it our all...and then some


Championships and awards are wonderful — SVC athletics has a plethora, spanning Elementary through High School. Going on to play collegiate sports is great — SVC athletes do that each year. Still, our highest goal is to compete in a manner which honors the Lord and raises up champions for life.

"SVC provided me with a uniquely Christian environment where I was pushed to be a godly woman on and off the court." - Heidi Dyer, Pepperdine Volleyball
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