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For students who struggle with learning difficulties, the traditional classroom can be an exhausting and discouraging environment. The Foundations Program at SVC employs scientifically-proven tools that allow many students to grow in confidence and achieve new-found success.

Tackling Things Head-on

We Leverage Cutting-Edge Cognitive Programs

Foundations students benefit from cognitive exercises from over a half-dozen programs which are based on neuroscientific research and go to the root of the issue, rather than simply managing the symptoms of learning challenges.  SVC is the only school in Orange County and one of only 100 schools in the world which is certified to offer the highly-regarded Arrowsmith Cognitive Program.

“No student should ever feel less than, or limited, because he or she struggles with learning challenges. My heart is that every child would see and believe in the potential that God has put inside each one of them.”

Jimelle  Carlson, Foundations Program Director

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For additional information about the Foundations Program, click the Foundations Program icon below. For information about supplemental fees and tuition associated with the Foundations Program, please see the SVC 2019-2020 Tuition and Fees Schedule.

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