GradeSlam Continues to be a Wonderful Resource for our HS Students!

HS Freshmen recently received training on how to use this educational support tool we are still very excited about — GradeSlam, an award-winning personalized online learning hub that allows students to access private tutoring 24/7.  Our 10th/11th/12th graders will get their refresher on Wed., 10/9. This outstanding service is available to our high school students at NO COST!

GradeSlam focuses on ensuring every student receives an equitable and personalized educational experience. Using a Socratic-based learning method, GradeSlam helps guide students through their problem, rather than giving an answer right away. This approach promotes a philosophy of critical thinking, problem-solving, goal setting, and digital literacy – a skill set that cultivates the confidence needed for all students to succeed academically.  The program includes a chat room equipped with a digital whiteboard and file sharing option, an essay review section, a group messaging option for teamwork, and personalized office hours for teachers to communicate with the students after school hours. Combined, all these features will allow students to access the help they need at any time, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them! So please be sure to ask your students about this great support tool, and encourage them to use it!

For a flyer with more information, click here.

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