I’m With You

Hi, SVC family! I’m Kara McCoy and my official title is “6th grade teacher,” but I’m really just a person who gets to love kids and (hopefully) help them in their walks with the Lord.

I really love reading and there’s a guy I’ve learned a lot from…his name is Bob Goff. He’s a quirky guy who loves Jesus a ton and he’s got some great advice. One of my favorite lessons I’ve learned from Bob centers around the statement, “I’m with you.” This is the introduction to one of his books and I believe it is a foundational statement for all of us. These three words are spoken by Jesus to all of us every single day. He looks at us when we are on mountaintops and says, “I’m with you.” He’s there with us in the valleys and says, “I’m with you.” There isn’t anywhere we can go where He isn’t with us. So what does that mean for us at SVC? It means we get to extend the same invitation to each other and run the race together (Hebrews 12).

When we look at each other and say, “I’m with you,” it means we are giving one another permission to be our true selves, exactly who God created us to be. It means we give each other permission to make mistakes, but still extend grace and mercy. It means we get to be a little scared to take the next big step, but know that Jesus is right there walking with us and we have people to support us along the way. It means we get to experience joyful moments and share them with those we love. It means loving and serving others the way Jesus did and what He calls us to do today. We get to be a community of people who love one another and lift each other up.

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is I get to look at my kids and tell them, “I’m with you.” There will be happy days, sad days, and everything in between. I love SVC because I get to share the Gospel, pray with kids, help them with school work, and teach them how we are called to follow Jesus with our entire lives. He’s in the midst of math class, out on the soccer field, at the lunch tables, and everywhere we go. I want to encourage my students to be people who look at one another and say, “I’m with you,” because God gave us each other to be representations of Him. We get to serve others with all of our hearts, because that’s what we are called to do. At SVC, we are a family and that is evident the moment you step on campus. God wants us to live in community and live in a way that is set apart from the rest of the world. He is our Immanuel, “God with us,” our perfect encourager throughout our races.

Kara McCoy joined the SVC team in 2015 after receiving her Multiple Subject Credential from Concordia University. When she’s not loving on her students, she enjoys running, watching football (she’s a self-proclaimed Green Bay Packers “Cheesehead”), and leading a Jr. High girls’ Bible study.

You may reach Kara at kmccoy@svcschools.org.

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