Exploring the World of Science in Preschool

How do you spell “chemistry” in Mrs. deViso’s Beginner Class?  F – L – U – B – B – E – R!  

Our class of young three year olds loves to make this squishy, stretchy concoction. Donning their lab coats and goggles, these little scientist conduct their very own laboratory experiment, mixing three simple ingredient in a mason jar — the Preschool equivalent of a beaker.

Each child gets a turn making the FLUBBER in the color of his or her own choosing. Not only do they get great joy out of creating something, they also get to enjoy the fruits of their “hands-on” labor — playing with their FLUBBER and sharing it with their classmates. Afterward, Mrs. deViso’s class sits down and talks about their experience:  “How did the FLUBBER feel?”, “What could you do with it?”, “What happens when you squish it?”, “Does it break, does it pull, does it stretch?”

The FLUBBER experiment is an ideal sensory activity which helps hone fine motor skills. This is just one example of the types of activities that occur each day in SVC’s preschool. Our teachers excel at combining both a developmental and academic approach to learning, while encouraging exploration and discovery — ALL within a joyful and nuturing environment.

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