Fellowship — PTF’s Superpower!

Merriam-Webster defines a superhero as “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers.”  At Saddleback Valley Christian School, we define a superhero as “a member of our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)!”

While superheroes like Superman and Captain America are high profile figures, the superheroes of SVC stay under the radar — preferring to silently serve in the background without calling attention to themselves. While other superheroes rely on things like their ability to fly or traverse buildings with spiderwebs, our PTF superheroes leverage their own unique superpower:  FELLOWSHIP!

The mission of PTF is to help build fellowship among families and teachers at Saddleback Valley Christian. They accomplish this by planning and implementing a wide variety of activities, events and ministry efforts throughout the course of the school year. A partial list includes:

Meet & Greet opportunities prior to the start of school

Family Movie Night

Moms Night Out

Staff Appreciation Luncheons

Teacher Treats

Dine-o-Mite Dining (at local restaurants)

Grandparents Day

Care Ministry

Moms in Prayer

The SVC community benefits greatly from the efforts this amazing parent group. But our PTF leaders will be the first to say that they are equally blessed by their involvement in building up the SVC community. PTF volunteers get to:

Meet other parents — PTF is a great place to make new friends

Share their gifts — it’s a perfect outlet for putting talents to work

Promote excellence — by getting involved, PTF members help affect positive change

Show they care — an investment of time demonstrates to our students and staff how much we care about them

Interested in getting involved with PTF and using your own superpowers?  Email Kristin Hunziker, PTF President, at jujukitty4@gmail.com


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