Magnetic Personalities in Preschool

Astrophysicists at NASA study the science of magnetism. So do the Preschoolers at SVC.

Magnet play is one of the first simple science activities that young children engage in. Curiosity takes over as soon as a child feels the unmistakable polar pull of two magnets reaching for one another. Magnetic toys engage young minds … sticking … clicking … unsticking. This exercise of exploring, experimenting and observing is an outstanding example of the type of experience which fosters both the developmental AND academic focus for which the SVC Preschool is known.

Beyond the beauty of learning about the scientific wonders of magnets, SVC Preschoolers learn how science intersects with its Creator. Consider this as part of the study of magnets:  Teachers use the example of magnetic pull to illustrate how, as we draw near to God, He draws near to us (James 4:8). So what begins as STEM instruction for our youngest learners expands to a spiritual truth about the One who created the phenomenon.

Magnets are useful teaching tools for all Preschool ages. Teachers introduce them in ways which are age appropriate — from the youngest 3 year olds to the older 5 year old Pre-K children. They foster the perfect sensory activity, as little fingers are busy at work and play — honing their fine motor skills.

A magnet — so simple, yet so complex. It attracts other objects through it magnetic pull … just like the Lord tugs at our hearts through His inexplicable love.


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