Our Changing Times

I grew up learning to type on a typewriter.  Typewriter, you say? I also grew up having to make emergency phone calls inside a telephone booth.  It’s where Superman used to change his clothes. What? I grew up writing a research paper at the library, because I needed the microfiche and encyclopedia to find content.  If you are able to identify with any of these, then you have truly dated yourselves.   But I would imagine that the majority of you are scratching your heads or are faintly acquainted with the verbiage by way of grandparents.  Either way, the point is quite clear. Our world has changed drastically and will continue to change in ways that are beyond our imagination.

Consider for a moment how young the internet is.  The public world at large has had access to it for just twenty-five years.  How about the app world?  The app store was launched just ten years ago, but today our lives are so connected to technology that we rely on it for shopping, banking, reading, social networking and gathering all sorts of information and data.  Can you fathom a world without Apple and Google?  Technology has revolutionized our way of life. So what’s next?  Artificial intelligence and space travel?  It will happen.  It’s just around the corner.

All this change can dwarf the soul.  We can feel insignificant in a universe changing so rapidly.  We know change is here to stay.  So we need to embrace it, but we do so with cautious optimism.  In a rapidly changing world, my restless soul searches for something that would bring stability…I am grateful to have been given the gift of faith to anchor my existence to a sacred truth that is unchanging.  By faith, I unravel the mystery of knowing a divine constant that fortifies the human soul, whereby change and all the forces of the outside world cannot interfere.

“Abide in me.”  These simple words of Jesus take us to a profound place where communion with the Father deepens my permanent place as a child of God.  In this sacred place, I simply need to be.  There is no agenda here.  No performance necessary.  No need for approval from others.  No expectations to meet.  But to simply be who I am meant to be.  It is only in this communion that I am able to find my authentic self – a child of God.  In this state of serenity, I find tremendous strength and comfort.  Strength that comes from the bond between the Father and child, and comfort that comes from the assurance of knowing who I truly am.

So as the world turns … as humanity progresses into the future … as technology redefines how we do life … there is one constant that does not change.  That is our identity in Jesus, the Alpha and the Omega; the Beginning and the End.  May you find rest in this restless world.  May you find solitude in the noise.  And may you find serenity in this ever-changing place.

Paul Rhee has been serving in the educational industry for over 20 years as a teacher, professor and administrator in secondary and post-secondary schools.  Holding two Masters degrees in Theology (one from Princeton and one from Southwestern Theological Seminary), Paul has a strong affinity for educating the whole person – mind, heart and soul.  He believes that a Christian education provides a safe and robust environment for international students to explore, learn and reach their highest potential.

Over the past 16 years, as founder and director of the International Program at SVC, Paul has empowered hundreds of international students to successfully complete their education and enter into the top colleges and universities in the U.S.

In addition to his graduate degrees, Paul holds a B.A. in Business Administration (minor in Economics) from George Washington University.

You may reach Paul at pcrhee@svcschools.org.

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