Benefits of a Full-Day Kindergarten Program

A significant amount of research has been done to compare the benefits of full-day and half-day Kindergarten programs. And while it is clear that some students — those who are younger (either in age or developmentally) — do better in an abbreviated day program*, studies show that most children gain an advantage by participating in a full-day program.

Unfortunately, funding in the public school system is often insufficient for educators to provide full-day programs to their constituents. For example, in Capistrano Unified School District, one of the largest districts in California1, only 12 schools — roughly one-third of all Elementary schools in the district — offer an Extended Day Kindergarten.2

For parents who desire the proven benefits afforded by a full-day program, a private school education may provide an outstanding option.

According to a policy brief compiled by WestEd, a nonprofit research, development, and service agency, evidence demonstrates that students who participate in a full-day Kindergarten get a leg up because this type of program :

  • “Contributes to increased school readiness”
  • “Leads to higher academic achievement”
  • “Improves student attendance”
  • “Supports literacy and language development”
  • “Benefits children socially and emotionally”3


Saddleback Valley Christian School is pleased to provide a full-day Kindergarten program (in addition to a Transitional Kindergarten class for younger learners). We invite you to learn more by visiting our campus. To schedule an appointment and learn more, click here.

*Read more about Kindergarten Readiness here.

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