Miss Bradley & Mrs. Shaw Named “School Heroes” Finalists for 2019

It’s no secret to our SVC community that we have some of the greatest teachers around.  And now, all of Orange County knows it too!  Elise Bradley, 1st Grade Lead Teacher, and Barb Shaw, TK – 8th Grade STEM Applications Teacher, have been named finalists in Parenting OC’s School Heroes Program, which recognizes top educators in our county.

Read more about these exceptional teachers below:

Congratulations, Mrs. Shaw!

Barbara Shaw has been an integral part of transforming Saddleback Valley Christian School’s Computer Lab classes into a state-of-the-art STEM program that continues to expand and improve. Students who once spent their class time keyboarding and using basic programs are now working on different platforms creating, innovating, and collaborating on everything from programming robots to designing solutions for environmental cleanup. They are often so engaged and excited that Mrs. Shaw’s biggest challenging is getting them to transition to their next class. There is something to be said for a class where elementary students would rather keep working than go to recess. Several times, parents or grandparents have come into the office raving about the what Mrs. Shaw is doing and commenting on how their children talk about her class being their favorite part of school. While in Mrs. Shaw’s class, students who may not thrive in a traditional classroom setting not only thrive, they shine. This is a chance for creative, outside-the-box thinkers to share their strengths, and for students who regularly excel in traditional academics to be challenged in new ways.

From the time the transition from Computer to STEM lab began, Mrs. Shaw has worked diligently to educate and prepare herself for her new role. She began pursuing a Masters in Educational Technology at Concordia University, which she will complete this coming March, and dived deep into tech education professional development— including attending the annual CUE conference, various offerings at the Tiger Woods Foundation, and becoming a Certified Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Launch instructor. On many Fridays, long after students have begun their weekend, Mrs. Shaw can be found driving the opposite direction from home, on the 5 freeway during rush hour, to return items checked out from the Tiger Woods Foundation—Breakout EDU Kits, Raspberry Pis, or various programmable robots.

Mrs. Shaw has been a true asset to Saddleback for over a decade, but since taking on the role of STEM teacher, she is most definitely deserving of the title TOP TEACHER.

Congratulations, Miss Bradley!

Elise Bradley is a rare and exceptional teacher, who is loved not only by students but by their families and her coworkers. No matter what month of the school year, Elise’s love for teaching and for her students is obvious and contagious.

With almost two decades of experience, Elise has the professional knowledge and skill of a highly-qualified, veteran teacher; yet, somehow, she has maintained the energy and excitement of one who is brand new to the field. Her students show academic growth well beyond the state and national norms. But if you ask any one of them, they will tell you about how much Miss Bradley loves them and how much fun they have in her class — a class where procedures and routine are expected, along with new challenges, games and activities.

Miss Bradley is open to new ideas and strategies, and is she is often the one to share those with fellow staff members. She sees and celebrates the individual uniqueness of each child she works with and goes above and beyond to both meet the needs of struggling students and to challenge those with academic giftedness. Both after school and during the summer, she works with individual students and small groups on grade-level skills, including reading skills, using programs like Seeing Stars and Lindamood Bell. In addition, she regularly volunteers to serve: on focus groups, curriculum search teams, and as a mentor to new teachers.

She is truly a STANDOUT in a profession filled with amazing, hard-working individuals.

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