Preschool Phonics: “L” is for Learning and “F” is for Fun!

Over the course of the school year, our Pre Kindergarteners have some wonderful “friends” stop by their classrooms.  During “A” week, “Allie Alligator” pays them a visit  …  “B” week brings “Bubba Bear” …  “Catina Cat” strolls in during “C” week. Twenty-six characters — one for each letter of the alphabet — are the stars of Zoo-phonics, the multisensory Language Arts program used with our Preschoolers.

Teachers introduce each letter during Circle Time and then the fun begins! Our teachers know how to make each letter come alive. Whatever the stage of learning, a student finds Zoo-phonics an exciting and challenging experience.

Phonics is a total learning experience in PreK.  In addition to having a corresponding animal, each letter has its own:

  • Sound
  • Jingle (“Allie Alligator snaps her jaws and says, ‘A, A, A’ “)
  • Movement (children use their whole body to express each sound the letter’s character makes)


The teaching is reinforced by adding special activities related to each letter and/or sign:

  • Trace letters and “air write” them with index finger
  • Practice letters in shaving cream and form them using Play-Doh
  • Write letters using chalk, dry erase markers, dot painters and PreK pencils
  • Create an “Alphabet Book” (each student makes his or her own) which becomes a keepsake to take home at the end of the year


The FUN in PHONICS is contagious! Our PreK students catch it and happily share it with one another.

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