State of the Art Innovation for Students Who Learn Differently

So many students struggle with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, auditory processing, comprehension, logical reasoning, visual memory, non-verbal learning, and attention-related issues. For such students, a typical classroom can be an exhausting and discouraging environment. Because many Christian schools are not equipped to deal with a large variety of these learning issues, students can either fall through the cracks or be forced to attend public schools. Even then, student needs are often neglected due to budget constraints, lack of expertise, or inability to adapt to new educational trends and scientific advancement.

In light of this, SVC offers a cutting-edge program to our families — Foundations! The program is currently available in Elementary and Junior High, and it will launch in High School in the fall of 2020.

Foundations is designed to tackle the problem head-on. The program allows us to move past the traditional concept of simply managing the symptoms of learning disabilities and, instead, address the root cause of these challenges. Each day, our students perform cognitive exercises based on cutting-edge neuroscientific research. These exercises have been scientifically proven to strengthen weak cognitive capabilities. In other words, the goal of Foundations is to transform the brain, establishing capabilities that did not exist and, thus, beginning to instill a newfound confidence and a love of learning.

By strengthening cognitive capacities, students are able to work through tasks which were once incredibly challenging for them. In addition to its innovative scientific approach to cognitive improvement, Foundations includes state-certified reading and mathematics programs. When combined with the cognitive exercises, these programs have been proven to assist students in gaining up to two years in their reading level in only a matter of months.

For the current school year, SVC will offer one multi-grade Elementary class and one Junior High class. Both classes have a student-teacher ratio of 4:1. Each student is assessed and works at a pace that is appropriate for his or her particular needs.

In Elementary, this is a full-time class. But in order to make sure that students are still connected socially to others in their peer group, Foundations students may have the opportunity to attend recess, lunch, PE, art, music, computer, field trips, etc.  Junior High students typically attend a combination of Foundations and mainstream classes.

Our long-term goal is that, after one to four years in this program, students will be equipped to enter a mainstream classroom at or above grade level.

When we say that we strive to be the Christian School for All, we mean that we value diversity of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and student ability. In Jesus, we see the ultimate example of love and service toward those so often marginalized by society. Foundations is the only program of its kind at any Christian school in our area. As such, we believe that we are  able to serve a segment of the population which is too often forgotten. We are so humbled to serve as Christ would and to help lay foundations of faith and learning.

If you have any questions regarding the Foundations program, please contact Jimelle Carlson at

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