The Beauty of Small Kindergarten Class Sizes

The research is clear … Kindergarten students benefit from smaller class sizes. Studies show that children in smaller classes fare better than their peers in larger classes in a variety of areas, particularly in the early years of education. For instance:

  • Smaller class sizes can enhance academic achievement 1
  • Gains from smaller classes in early grades continue for students as they progress into upper grades 2


More than likely, this information is not surprising to you. Try this mental exercise:  Think for a moment about two different Kindergarten settings – Classroom A has 18 students and Classroom B has 30. Now imagine the dynamics in each of these two rooms. Chances are the scenario you envision bears out what the research has demonstrated. Given this, and if all other things are equal (same caliber of teacher, curriculum, facilities, etc.), which setting would you want your child to be a part of? Which classroom would afford your child the level of personal attention you want him or her to have from a teacher?

Capistrano Unified School District places a cap of 32 Kindergarteners per class. According to published statistics for the 2016-17 school year, there were – on average – 28.1 students in a CUSD Kindergarten class.3

Contrast this with Saddleback Valley Christian, which caps Kindergarten enrollment at 24, but averages 18. And when you consider that SVC has teacher aides in the classroom, the student to teacher ratio in Kindergarten averages 9:1.

If this sounds like the kind of experience you’d like for your Kindergarten-bound child, please contact us.


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