The Importance of STEM in Kindergarten

Most Kindergarteners are naturally inquisitive. They love to ask questions, they are eager to explore, and they enjoy inventing and building things. Fortunately, these wonderful qualities are also ones which make them ideal candidates for STEM instruction!

“Quality early STEM experiences provide a critical foundation for learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in ways that facilitate later learning,”1 according to Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education, a network for STEM education researchers.

Have you considered how STEM is incorporated in the Kindergarten program you are looking at for your child?

At Saddleback Valley Christian School, STEM is part of the everyday Kindergarten experience – from using LINCOLN LOGS® to help understand the principle of building a foundation which goes from “larger to smaller” …  to amplifying math and measurement concepts with tools like geoboards … to using Chromebooks across all subject areas (SVC has a 1:1 technology program which provides EVERY student the use of a Chromebook). And these are just a few of the ways our gifted and highly-trained Kindergarten teachers build STEM into the day-to-day classroom experience. SVC Kindergarteners also get hands-on instruction outside of their classroom in a state-of-the-art STEM laboratory every week.

Do you want your child’s internal curiosity to be maximized through a STEM-rich learning environment? We invite you to learn more about the great things which await him or her through SVC’s outstanding STEM instruction!  Please contact us to schedule a visit.


1 Considerations for STEM Education from Prek through Grade 3.” STEM Practices: Scientific Modeling /CADRE,



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