When the Mission Field Comes to You

Over 10 years ago, my family had an opportunity to host two High School students from Korea and Hong Kong. I remember talking it over with the Lord, asking him questions like, “What about our privacy? What about alone time with our own children? What about my personal private time and space?” After pondering so many questions, I clearly felt in my heart that He was calling us to be missionaries in our own home. He would work out all of my uncertainties. I always wanted to be involved in missions, but this time, instead of sending us out of the country, He was sending them to us! I was nervous and excited all at the same time. Once they arrived, it was an eye-opening experience, learning about different cultures and adapting to the addition of two boys in our nest. We had some good times and some challenging times. But within a few months, they became like family.

After two years of hosting, I was asked by Mr. Rhee to come on staff to help with the International Program. It has been 9 wonderful years watching teachers transform lives and supporting host parents as they plant seeds for God’s Kingdom!

I can recall a girl named Nornia who was feeling despair from the pressure of college preparation. She was ready to give up on life. But while sitting in Mrs. Markum’s Bible class, she had a revelation of the love of God. Instead of taking her own life, she gave her life to Christ! And because of the transformation that happened in her life, her parents from China became believers as well!

Bonnie was another student whose life was profoundly changed by her time at SVC. She had the opportunity to go on a missions trip with Mr. Beeman. She gave her life to Christ and got baptized right here on campus.

And our most recent testimony is about a student named Jazzy, who left SVC to attend a boarding school in Florida. The new transition was very difficult for her, as she struggled with an intense academic workload. But seeds had been planted by her host parents and teachers at SVC. While in her time of need, the Lord sent a godly Christian woman who took her to church every Sunday. Jazzy gave her life to Christ and contacted her host family to ask if she could come back to California to be baptized at their church! I had the privilege of attending her baptism and going to lunch afterward to hear her story.

We never know how important a word of encouragement, an empathetic look, a listening ear, or just a big hug can impact our students for the Kingdom!  Just as Jesus said in John 6:44, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him.”  I find comfort in that scripture because it takes the pressure off me to convince someone to follow Christ. I am only to pray for and love them, while trusting the Holy Spirit to draw them in His own timing. We may be very surprised to see the lives that were impacted by our love once we’re in heaven. It is such a blessing to work at a school that gives us the space to not only instruct our students’ minds, but to speak into their lives and connect their hearts to the living God!

Mrs. Lancer has filled the vital role of counselor for SVC International for nine years. She has a passion for helping our international students assimilate and thrive in their new environment. Her family has served as hosts to students from Korea and Hong Kong. Mrs. Lancer holds a degree in Psychology from Cal State Long Beach, where she competed on the slalom water skiing team.

She and her husband Gregg have two sons, ages 20 and 22. All three of the Lancer men love to surf and are gifted musicians. As a couple, the Lancers enjoy riding their beach cruisers to Dana Point Harbor and the San Clemente Pier, and taking their 20-month old Golden Retriever Roxy to the beach.

You may reach Mrs. Lancer at klancer@svcschools.org.

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